Nintendo has “completely blown the Wii U”, says Michael Pachter

There is a rumors/ facts that a lot of favourite industry analyst are saying in recent days:

I think they’ve completely blown the Wii U by not telling people what the price is going to be. It’s going to launch at $249 because it has to. I think they’re dead anyway because Xbox with Kinect will be priced below that by the time they launch. Wii was a bubble and that the Wii bubble has burst. Nintendo Wii fans are now playing Farmville. The Wii was a bubble. The Wii bubble has burst. (from the 3dsblog)

There is a rumors that a lot of  casual gamers have moved to the super-casual platforms like Facebook, but to say that Nintendo has “completely blown” the Wii U? We know it’s an analysts job to predict the future, but every prediction these folks seem to make seem to be based on a ridiculously small amount of information.