Rating for CRUSH3D

To me the game fell like it would jump between images and also fell like the games was running at 30 FPS . It also fell like it was not worked on a lot and polished and that’s why I give it a 70/100.

Note: this rating is done by the demo.

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Everyone loves Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D

Metal Gears Solid: Snake Eater 3D is  impressing  EDGE and Nintendo Power and they are giving the game a  are very positive review.

EDGE rated the game with a 8/10 and said the following:

Packed with detail, both in terms of it’s environments and mechanics, this is a game that pays back investment in spades. MGS3 is a moden classic – the tighest, smartest and most emotional journey in the series – and even the HD update doesn’t look as good as this portable treatment.

Nintendo Power rated the game with a 9/10 and said the following:

A phenomenal game. Almost nothing was sacrificed in bringing the title to the Nintendo 3DS; from the opening scene to the powerful ending, every character model and every bit of excellent voice acting is intact, and the production values are sky-high.

Does this demo make the game show good