3DS kills the Vita in Sales

The Nintendo 3DS continues to dominate the hardware charts, easily outselling Sony’s PlayStation Vita. The Nintendo 3DS sold 76, 322 units whilst the PlayStation Vita only managed to sell 15,928 units.

  1. Nintendo 3DS: 76,322
  2. PlayStation 3: 27,111
  3. PSP: 15,928
  4. PlayStation Vita: 11,186
  5. Wii: 7,878
  6. Nintendo DS: 1,639
  7. Xbox 360: 1,508
  8. PlayStation 2: 1,269

New AR Cards for Kid Icarus: Uprising

There are six augmented reality cards included with Kid Icarus: Uprising. These allow you to create mock battles between any two characters. So, if you want Pit and Medusa to battle it out on your kitchen table, you can make that happen. It’s not as exciting as you might imagine though. Still, Siliconera is reporting that there will be hundreds of cards available over the coming months, and apparently Nintendo will be holding events to allow gamers to “trade, share and acquire new cards”, so that should be interesting.

New releases for the 3DS Virtual Console coming to Europe

Nintendo has announced that there will be lots of new releases for the 3DS Virtual Console in Europe during the month of March. According to the press release they sent out, some of the titles that will make their debut on the Virtual Console service include:

  • Metroid, Super Mario Bros., and Punch Out for the NES
  • Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters and Dr. Mario for the Game Boy
  • Dragon Crystal, Shinobi, and Sonic the Hedgehog: Triple Trouble for the GameGear